How to pick out fresh roses from your local grocery

During your weekly grocery shopping it's nice to pick out a bouquet of roses to take home, but how do you which is fresh and which isn't? Here are a few tips to help you pick out a fresh bouquet to last you a week with your groceries. 

Make sure the flowers aren't wilted. The most obvious tip is to choose roses that are not wilted, brown or have burnt petals. These roses are way past their prime and will soon turn to potpourri. 

Look for roses that haven't bloomed yet. Roses that have bloomed are the most beautiful to look at, however these roses will not last the week. Look for roses that are still tight. Once they are fresh cut and in fresh water the bloom process will begin where you will enjoy it from beginning to end at home. 

Give the roses a quick squeeze to feel for firmness. When you squeeze the base of the petals of the rose it should feel firm. These roses are fresh and will last at least a week. If the petals feel soft or have no firmness then these roses will wilt very soon. 

We hope these tips help you to pick out a fresh bouquet of roses.

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